The simple science behind retaining your caregivers and clients longer

In the world of private duty home care, everyone wants to keep clients in the home. But caring for a senior with dementia presents challenges, especially as cognitive abilities decline. It can be stressful for caregivers, loved ones and the client. The truth is that clients with the greatest hourly care needs often present the greatest challenge for caregivers and are at the greatest risk for moving to institutional care, but there is a solution.

We believe that dementia is best understood from a strength-based perspective. Clients with cognitive decline progressively lose the ability to self-initiate activities and self soothe, but they also often show a gift for “being in the moment” and retain their ability to experience deep emotions. They have a style of communication marked by use of few words but with responsiveness to music, photos and cherished life experiences.

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We Help Home Care Agencies Differentiate Their Care Services

Our HIPAA-compliant Connect app allows caregivers to curate a personalized content like music, photos, and conversation topics, and invites family members to participate remotely via their mobile device of choice. The app is designed – and proven – to enable caregivers to quickly develop trusting relationships with client. Connect helps promote positive client experiences by creating a more comfortable mood, reducing agitation, anxiety and behavioral issues. And, extends the ability for older adults to age in place – where they want to be.

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Hiring and retaining caregivers is challenging

Hiring and Retaining Caregivers is Challenging

Caregivers often face dementia-related incidents of aggression, leading to increased Workers’ Comp claims and higher caregiver turnover/client churn. With Connect, caregivers are better equipped to manage client care. A calm, happy client means a less stressed caregiver.

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Better insight into the home

Better Insight into the Home

Care managers and schedulers can use the app to oversee caregiver engagement to determine what works for the client and what does not. Connect improves the quality of care you deliver and ensures security and privacy compliance.

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Include Family in care

Include Family in Care

The HIPAA-compliant app enables family members to participate using their mobile devices by providing useful photos, videos and activity suggestions to formal caregivers

Improving the Care Experience for Everyone

The Connect App can add value for every part of your operation, your clients, and their families.

  • Save time and money in the hiring process by reducing costly staff turnover.

  • Increase revenue by delaying or eliminating client transition to institutional care.

  • Create more positive caregiver-client experiences.

  • Establish communication best practices with a new proven standard of care.

  • Maintain a positive company presence in the home and remind customers why your services are worth more than direct contracting with caregivers.

  • Give office staff better visibility into the home in a world where home visits are hard.

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